I’m going to share something quite personal with you.

Something you may not believe at first, but if you welcome it, it can be a life defining moment in your life.

I can say this with such confidence, because when I made this same realization, everything in my life changed.

I stopped my unhealthy habits with food, work and constantly striving for a happiness that I just could never seem to find.

I embraced my passion to help men and women across the globe to live love-filled and vibrant lives through healing relationships and past pain.

It was the catalyst that has fueled my entire personal, professional, and physical being.

And until I learned it, it was the hidden cause of most of my relationship discontent, weight issues and general sense of fear and loneliness.

What is this magical power move that changed it all for me?

I learned to love myself.
The Love Energy Toolkit
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Hi, I’m Nicola Beer
If you are ready to put heartbreak and pain aside once and for all, there is something you need to know first..

If You Don’t Love All Of You, 
You Cannot Be Loved By Anyone Else
We’ve all heard this many times before but what we don’t hear is how this can be adopted in your life to make it as practical for you as possible.

How to exercise this thought and make it a part of your daily life

If we don’t love ourselves, we will never be able to have the great relationships we seek or a life filled with happiness

If we don’t love ourselves and are involved in romantic relationships, our partner may tell us they love us but we will not believe them…

...we will constantly look for evidence to prove otherwise allowing ourselves to believe that they are losing interest and never mean what they say.

Did my partner call me when they said they would? If not, it must be because they don’t actually love me.

Did they initiate intimacy like they always used to in the past? If not, why don’t they want me? I am not as desirable for them as I used to be in the past.

Did they hold my hand, or pull me in for cuddles, or just show affection out of the blue like they used to? They must be losing interest, or they’ve met someone else.

We feel like we can’t express how we really feel and we worry that we will push them away so we do our best to act like we are perfect.

There are always feelings of “not feeling good enough” when it comes to dating someone we really like, so instead we land up settling for partners who are safe but don’t ignite the passion within our hearts.

We fail to trust in our partners and are forever think they are being unfaithful to us.

We are in a constant state of pain because we carry around a burden so heavy…

...a burden of doubt…

...doubt in ourselves, our partners.

When challenges fall on our path, we often let them defeat us and we are always feeling like smaller versions of ourselves

We stay stuck in situations that are going nowhere, we continue jobs that drain our energy or we constantly put ourselves down with our actions.

Our health is affected because we stop caring about it.

We are constantly looking for quick fix solutions because we think that will make us feel better…

...you know what I mean…

New haircuts…

...shopping sprees…

...a one night stand…

...a glass of wine that soon turns into a bottle or two.

But these do nothing to fix us or how we feel and we are left feeling even worse.

We will continue to feel this way until we stop looking for our happiness in other people, places or things.
Now Let Me Ask You This...
How can someone else love us if we cannot even love ourselves?

The truth though, is that loving and accepting yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Because until you actually love you, you will not not realise just how much power that holds.

We always have this false illusion that our problems are caused by things external to us.

Which is why we go in search of the solutions in all the wrong places.

Meanwhile, the solution is to look inward and we refuse to do this because it is scary.

It means that we have to deal with things that may have caused us great pain in the past.

We refuse to acknowledge self love as the powerful force it is and can be in our lives.

We laugh it off and think it’s something silly that only idiots believe in.

We do everything we can to avoid acknowledging how we really feel inside.
But We Are So Wrong
Because what we think loving ourselves means and what it actually means are so very far apart.
  •  Not hiding who we are at our core. You share how you feel, even if the feelings are messy and embarrassing
  •  Not having to prove anything to anyone, ever. You know your opinion is the only one that matters about everything concerning you
  •  Not accepting being treated badly, or giving in to any kind of social pressure. You do not have to feel obligated to do things just because people think you are meant to
  •  Accepting the love you receive from others. Never doubting the sincerity of the love you receive. Never feeling like you are not worthy of that love
  •  Not being afraid to get hurt. You stop creating reasons why your relationships will eventually let you down and you don’t run away from the chance to feel love because it may hurt
  •  You feel at peace and are able to put your energy into creating the life and relationships you want instead of always defending or being on guard from things you don’t want to lose
  •  You have a feeling of freedom, lightness and more than anything you feel like you have life in you
My Breakthrough
I experienced cycling negative thoughts, feeling lonely and relationship drama, so I know how PAINFUL, FRUSTRATING, & ANNOYING it can be.
And... I too reached the point of being DONE with this pattern.
That's when everything changed in my life and abundance flowed to me from all directions. 
My food, weight and body obsession of 20 years left me and is still gone.
I attracted more compliments, gifts and acts of kindness from friends, family and men, left, right and centre.
I healed my body and my habitual drinking every night faded away.
My thinking became clearer and I gained clarity on my future and life purpose.
In less than 8 weeks my financial concerns started to disappear.
New unique opportunities and invitations to spread this message on TV, radio, and conferences kept flying in.
The amazing thing is, it’s still like this!!! When you focus on awakening your love, love pours in, so you better be ready
"Once I awakened my love energy I no longer had 
to wait or chase others for what I wanted, 
I no longer felt dissatisfied with life. 
Miracles happened. "
YOU can be DONE with this pattern too.
You can leave behind the baggage and drama and feel love, whole and complete.

Introducing the Love Energy Toolkit: 
A Complete Set of Tools That Will Change Your Life Forever
Based on my experience working with thousands of men and women around the world, I can tell you that learning what self-love is and how to practice it in your life is the best form of healing you can experience.
It is a single idea through which mental, emotional and physical health flows.
Now I’m offering the latest, most updated version of The Love Energy Toolkit Bundle in an 8-week course format complete with coursework materials.
You'll Get Access to ALL THIS
Over the Next 8 Weeks:
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- Lessons that come with actionable exercises to support you to finally let go of old patterns so that you can live a happier more loved-filled life
- 16 Audio Lessons: simply listen to 2 each week & you'll automatically be aligned to feeling love and loved
- 8 Life-Transforming Guided Meditations: audios guiding you to embody & attract real Love into your life, to let go of the past, change unsupportive beliefs and trust in life and relationships, including an Overcome Procrastination audio to increase your energy and motivation to complete this course and act on the actions
- Self-study course to keep. You can access whenever and wherever you want: 2 lessons given each week for 8 weeks then you can move at your own pace; return to the material again and again to take your transformation deeper and further
- Instant & Downloadable materials sent to you as soon as you make the purchase including all 8 meditations
- A whole new reality in the relationship with yourself and others
- The chance to experience really feeling love and being loved
- 2 PDF E-books: 8 ways to Protect Yourself From Energy Saboteurs and 8 Essential Steps To Breaking Unwanted Habits Consciously
Our Risk-Free Guarantee
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Once your purchase is confirmed you will be able to access the course immediately. No waiting.
Lifetime Access: 
Come back to the course as many times as you want and never lose access.
Refund Policy: If you have made a genuine effort to complete the course but did not achieve desired results, we will arrange a refund for you.
The Love Energy 
Toolkit Bundle
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The Love Energy Toolkit Is Just A Few Clicks Away…
Learning how to love yourself is your life force, leaving you feeling at peace, accepted and completely confident.
It is the most important skill you can learn.
I believe in this because I experienced it myself and I am giving you every chance to try it so you can see how it can change your life.
Try it out for the next few weeks and if you can honestly say it is not doing anything for you or that your life has not been profoundly touched then you can get in touch with me for a full refund... No questions asked.

The Cure For Your Heartache And Self-doubt Is 
Within You And Has Been There All Along...
I have met many people along my journey who have always told me that they thought there was something wrong with them because they have never really felt truly happy or at peace.
I have watched people search far and wide to seek cures and solutions just to feel better and rid themselves of the emptiness they feel inside.
No matter what they do, or how much money they spend, they never seem to find satisfaction in love of any kind.
The emptiness from this lack of love cannot and will not ever be filled with wealth, material items or making someone love the ‘perfect’ us.

That space is only filled with one thing.

Learning to love yourself.

I know it’s going to change your life like it did mine.

From my heart to yours
The Love Energy 
Toolkit Bundle
Now ONLY $97
Hear From Others Who Felt Just Like You
I reached out to Nicola because I was struggling to make a relationship last and get over my obsession with weight loss. All of my relationships during the past 7 years had lasted only a few weeks or months. I’d find myself ending relationship after relationship, over the smallest things. I could no longer hide the fact that the lack of success in love was down to me, even though I wanted to be loved, I could not get close enough to anyone to be loved. I’d sabotage it time and time again.
I booked an online free session with Nicola which was so insightful and it became clear that I had a fear of love and so I was avoiding it. “Love avoidant” I learnt was a common pattern that many people have who cannot let themselves be loved by others. My father was an alcoholic and I felt unsafe around him whenever he drank, as he was either raging or grumpy. I loved and hated him at the same time. My mother was weak and I felt let down by her, why didn’t she protect us and escape. This left a deep scar in me, I found it difficult to trust people (men especially).
Nicola equipped me with the tools to believe in myself and to trust in myself, life and others. She guided me to forgive my parents fully. I didn’t know until working with Nicola that I was still holding on to the pain of the past. I had forgiven my parents with my mind consciously but in my heart and gut I had not. We then planned new ways to be more loving towards myself as well as how to accept love from friends. Next we looked at the patterns in my romantic relationships and created some actions for me to find the love I really wanted. It worked. Since working with Nicola my life has transformed, I feel so much happier as a result of trusting myself and others. I feel good most days and have met my dream man.
-Fiona, London

I went to Nicola because my jealousy and insecurities were damaging yet another relationship. I knew I was being controlling, possessive, and needy at times, but I could not stop myself. My wife was fed up of being monitored and questioned and was ready to walk out the door. I knew I needed to change and I had tried on my own for many years and couldn’t switch off the thoughts. 
The hardest step was asking for help, but I am so glad I did. Nicola got me to see that my thoughts are not me, she gave me tools to get through difficult moments. Instead of working on the relationship, the best thing I could do for my family was to work on myself. Nicola got me feeling good about my life and choices. I stopped using alcohol and porn to escape and started being the family man I had always wanted to be. Nicola got me to see that all my life I was trying to succeed and was succeeding but saw myself as a failure. Freeing myself of that changed everything. For the first time ever I feel proud of myself.
-Kate, Singapore

I was lost, confused and exhausted when I first contacted Nicola. I felt like my life was not mine anymore and I was always having to please everyone. No matter what I did for my mum and husband it was never good enough. I didn’t know whether to stay or leave my marriage. All I knew was that I was empty, fed up and couldn’t continue with the status quo. I was tired of being told what to do and always having to explain myself. I wanted to be stronger, feel confident and support myself but I had no clue how to do that. I booked a VIP Virtual day with Nicola and it changed my life. I learnt how to say no to others and yes to myself. Nicola then helped me to implement the relationship boundaries and actions we set together over the following 6 weeks. As I was scared that I may be guilted into doing things I didn’t want to do and revert back to my old patterns. It’s been 6 months now and I am so much calmer, stronger and happier. I’d recommend Nicola to anyone who is being controlled in a relationship and wants to find their inner strength again. 

-Sharon, Dubai

The Love Energy 
Toolkit Bundle
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