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What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is inspired by the ancient shamanic traditions of movement to become free. Created in 1996 by a British Psychologist, Ecstatic Dance is a fun, eyes closed transformational process that can break feelings of separation and connect us to a natural state of Ecstasy. Ecstasy to you may mean love, connection, joy, freedom, inner peace everything is accessible when we get into the body and allow it to move freely. 

In this active movement meditation there is no place for judgment or analyzing, held in a sacred space the focus is on moving to nourish and revitalize your body on a cellular level. Ecstatic dance is also great for flushing out toxins, stuck energies - thoughts, inspirations, sensations and feelings that arise within you and instead releases endorphins (the feel good brain chemicals) that naturally make you feel elevated. 

Music often includes ancient and sacred instruments of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum and Shakers, Kalimba, Ocean Drum and many different chimes.
The vibrations and frequencies produced by these sacred instruments synthesize everything into functional harmony. Where there is harmony and holistic resonance, transformation can take place. The music changes for each stage and all music is an invitation to go within and move any stuck energies.

Ecstatic Dance is an energy experience designed to:

  • Release stress & tension from your body
  • leave you feeling energized & alive
  • free you from any emotional baggage you are carrying by Moving stuck energy & emotions
  • release you from the chatter of the small mind allowing you to enjoy 'just being'
  • help you to enjoy living in the now
  • awaken your heart to self-acceptance and self-love

Ecstatic Dance Is an invitation to get out of your head, come into the body & be filled with the light of yourself!

“You cannot save the world, but you can do something about your own little world. And what a difference this would make if we all did our little bit: change yourself and you change the world!”

- Amoda Founder of Ecstatic Awakening Dance

How does ecstatic dance work?

No experience or fitness level is necessary but you need to come with an open heart and a desire to have fun and let yourself go.

There are no steps or moves to learn, no partner dancing, you move however you want, with no one watching you and always moving at your own pace.

It's a 5-Stage Method Each Time You Participate:

  • warm Up
  • shake
  • Let Go
  • Stillness
  • Grounding


This conscious dance practice is an Active meditation – this means that throughout the 5 stages listed above. The emphasis is on “awareness” using movement, music and breath to go beyond “small mind” or ego.

Active movement meditations were originally created by the spiritual master Osho who believed that the Western mind was more able to meditate when the body-mind system was cleared of stuck energy and emotions.

If you really want the benefits of meditation without having to sit for hours in stillness, then active meditations in Dubai or online is the method for you!

#1 Warm Up

This stage involved free movement to soften the body from the rigid routines and ways we sit, stand and move in our day-to-day lives. This is a gentle awakening of the body parts using breath, awareness and movement. We start from the soles of the feet upwards, it’s a necessary part to prepare for the next stages.

#2 Shake

Probably the most important stage of the class, as shaking ignites the life force for the transformation to begin. Based on the teachings of Osho Kundalini meditation we shake for 10-15 minutes, with eyes closed and deep breath. Shaking has the benefit of waking up the emotions, releasing any tension, stress or stuckness in the mind and body. The effect is refreshing, energizing and balancing. It is also a preparation on physical, emotional and mental levels for the deeper let-go free flowing movement of the next stage.

#3 Ecstatic Energy Dance

This is also referred to as the breath of fire dance and is the main part of this movement meditation done with the eyes closed. It's about going deeper and surrendering to how your body wants to move..
To support you to completely let go and switch off the rational “everyday thinking brain” we use a simple breathing technique which oxygenates the body and brain so that you are fully energized as well able to go deeper in the process.
The repetitive rhythms of the breath and the music also enhance synchronised brain activity so that we experience expanded states of consciousness.

The benefits of this are :

  • Internal visions, insights and inspirations that can help move you forward in your life
  • Clearer thinking from a higher perspective 
  • Stuck energy, feelings and thoughts can come to light to be safely released;
  • Relief from everyday worries and the general chatter of the mind
  • A sense of inner confidence, calmness, peace joy and bliss 
  • Awakened sense of self-love 
  • Sense of connection and open heart 
  • Experience of ecstasy and complete freedom

Having the eyes closed also enables you to let go of any self-conscious feelings such as embarrassment or judgment about getting it right or looking good.
There are no steps to follow, there is no right or wrong way to move. You move how your body wants to move and always at your own pace.
This is where you can really enjoy moving to the rhythm of the beat and really come alive. 

#4 Relaxation

We return to stillness and go within. Lying down and relaxing in total peace, soaking in your experience and taking rest. This silence and stillness allows the integration of energies and deep relaxation it’s a vital part of the class

#5 Grounding

Sitting seated: I will guide you through a meditation to bring the experience into your daily life. This short visualization supports you to feel grounded and grateful, so you can come back to your life with peace, clarity and self-love. 

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Why Practice Ecstatic dance?

The music, breath, rhythm, and meditation work on the mental, emotional levels and spiritual levels.
On a physical level the vibrational frequencies and your own free-flowing movement releases tension, stimulates the relaxation response where the body can cleanse and restore increasing our vital life force.

By cutting through the linear mind and clearing clutter from the subconscious mind it has the capacity to bring us to a peaceful state with a neutral quietened mind. Where you can tap into your own inner wisdom.
The more you practice the more you can awaken and whatever does or does not come up is welcomed with an open heart.

Ecstatic Dance is about “Awakening to love & presence through the power of dance”
There is nothing like experiencing this for yourself, so come Join our new community dancing the world Awake in Dubai or online. 

What Do i need?

You don't need to be experienced or at any fitness level to participate. What you do need is an open heart and a desire to have fun and let yourself go. There are no steps or moves to learn, no partner dancing, you move however you want.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water. We dance in a sacred smoke and alcohol-free space. The class runs for approximately 1hr 15 mins.

Guided by Nicola Beer – Counsellor, hypnotherapist and somatic therapist / emotional bodyworker with over 10 years’ experience in helping others release stuck energy and feel themselves again. 

Let's Dance!

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My Path To Ecstatic Awakening Dance...

The greatest gift was finally discovering that thing I had been searching for since childhood was available to me all along, I just didn’t see it.

For the longest time ever I felt like something was missing. I was searching for something and didn’t know what it was. I kept doing more courses, moved countries and jobs, researched studying abroad or doing a masters or MBA.

I thought perhaps it’s my relationships and looked for love and closer ties with my family to bring me this, I wondered if having children would be the missing piece.

Anything to stop that feeling that something was needed. Yes since I stopped drinking alcohol to calm my fears, and since I became a conscious eater rather than eating my emotions I felt a void. I was on the track to health and happiness and yet felt empty… More work or study was not what I needed as I already had stretched myself to the limit there on numerous occasions…

Then I found free movement dance and I realized that it gave me the one thing I needed most and had been searching for…

A place and time for me to get out of my head… to be free

The desire to get out of our heads is a longing for freedom.

Most of us at some time or another can relate to that feeling of being trapped...

  • Trapped by the hum-drum of daily to do lists

Everyday I get out of my bed, respond to whatsapp messages make my tea, spend 45 minutes in my latest routine which for me now is writing in my gratitude journal, cleaning my teeth, showering, getting dressed, driving to yoga, yoga, eat breakfast, sit at my desk, answer emails, check fb and Instagram alerts that grab my attention, return and answer phone calls, make lunch see my marriage, anxiety and other clients, do my creative writing and podcasts, make dinner, speak to my online clients in the US and UK, watch a documentary or read and then it’s bed time. Before bed I check my phone for my calendar the next day, plan the day in my head, make any final replies to emails, whats app, facebook, and clean my teeth and get into bed. I do this with one or two variations (thankfully) now and then, over and over again.
Even though we may create our schedule, this thinking all the time and going from one task to the next, like a robot can cause a feeling of being trapped. 

  • Trapped by the chains of material security

It’s hard to escape the chains of the material world today. Most people work hard at a job they don’t really like much in order to pay the mortgage, bills, car, tax, school fees, pension fund, in order to have enough money and time to retire one day so they can do what they really want to do or to do nothing. I am fortunate to be working in my dream job helping others but I still think about how I can keep up with the financial demands of the modern world and have enough money left over to manifest my dream to bring the dance to my community and further afield In refugee camps, prisons, mental health institutes, hospitals etc And have enough time to enjoy my life.

  • Trapped by the voices in our heads

The repetitive voices we have in our heads can seem like a broken record player, going on and on. The voices that warn us, that tell us to do or not do something, to be better, faster, healthier, stronger, thinner or remind us that (perhaps) the decision we made was not the right one. Decisions over something small like what you ate for lunch or whether or not to go to that party or stay in and big decisions jobs, finances, relationships etc can plague the mind. Then there is the questioning what if I had done that?, do they really love me? What do they think of me? It goes on and on…

Can You relate?

Deep in our souls we long for freedom

To get out of our head

As we are ALWAYS chasing our own tail for there never is enough time or money

But if we make time to take “time-out” from the self-imposed rules and regulations of life, we can start to see beyond the limitations of “normal life” and by escaping the confines of our everyday “ordinary” reality we can rise above the incessant chatter inside our heads and see reality from a higher perspective.

Getting out of our heads is a door way to something greater than ourselves.

It’s a glimpse of freedom where time can stand still, thoughts can disappear and we can transcend the “thinking mind” if even for a moment (hopefully longer) to awaken to who we really are…

When we embrace the reality of who we are, everything is perfect, we are free.

“We need only come home into our bodies in order to embody spirit”

I invite you to join me in a free movement dance - Ecstatic Awakening Dance either online or in Dubai.

The only way to know if you will benefit from it is to try it.

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Nicola Beer is a  relationship, stress management and anxiety treatment specialist,.Coaching, hypnotherapy and counseling services include: marriage coaching an alternative to marriage counselling, divorce coaching and counselling, grief counselling, anger management, healing from abuse and self-esteem boosting. She also runs a relationship coaching  training. 

  Nicola is also passionate about movement therapy and body work therapy as a way to release stuck emotions and is offering free flowing movement classes in Dubai and online.

 She is a US certified grief recovery specialist, transpersonal psychology counselor, life coach and hypnotherapist Sharjah, Dubai and online. 


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