Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are all common after sexual abuse. It's a delicate subject, so I want to first of all, thank you for having the courage to read this page.

Sadly sexual trauma is more prevalent that we like to think about and yet despite so many people suffering from it, it is rarely spoken about.

Even less is information on how to heal from sexual abuse and trauma and I want you to know that it is possible to clear away the past and be free.

I know this to be true from both my own personal journey, as well as the courageous men and women who know they deserve more for themselves and are ready to claim it.

Sexual trauma can include:

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    Sexual verbal abuse
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    Sexual harassment
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    Sexual assault
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    Sexual abuse
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Individuals can also feel traumatised after sexual encounters where they did not stand up for themselves and say no when they inside they wanted to. Sexual trauma is often stored in our body and cellular memories, which is why waiting for time to heal is pointless. All time does it pass, it is actions done within time that count.

Sexual abuse and trauma can affect every area of our life:

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    It can impact our ability to attract and maintain healthy relationships
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    It can affect our sleep, overall energy
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    It can impact our ability to focus and concentrate on our family and work responsibilities
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    It can lead us to pick up addictive behaviours to numb or block out the pain
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    It can lead us to act out sexually or close down ourselves completely
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    It can affect our ability to say no and express our needs
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    It can affect our self-esteem and image of ourselves
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    It can lead to excessive anger, sadness, grief, rage, guilt
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    It can lead us to attack our self with critical judgmental thoughts

And sadly so much more...

Unfortunately for most people sexual abuse and trauma carries with it a deep sense of shame, remorse and fear of others reactions.

Not only can this make it even harder to deal with, it can often act as a barrier to getting the much needed help we need to clear sexual abuse and trauma from our mind, body and soul.

Sadly opening up and sharing about sexual abuse can lead to more shame if the person we share it with turns out not to be safe.

Rest assured this is a safe place where you will be listened to wholeheartedly free from judgment, so you can heal and move forward. Whatever pain you have been through, whether there has been rape and other physical sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any other sexual trauma healing is possible.

One of the hardest things when it comes to sexual abuse and physical abuse is having repressed memories come back. When you first experience repressed memories coming up flashbacks, it can be a totally surreal and scary.

Repressed memories are memories that have been unconsciously blocked due to the memory being associated with a high level of stress or trauma. The unconscious mind blocks traumatic events because facing the truth of a situation may be too painful to bear. In fear of our safety it chooses to repress them, then only when we are ready to handle and face the truth do they come up.

I didn’t really give repressed memories much attention in my earlier work with others, until I started having memories of painful events crop up time and time again. Thank fully being in this wonderful world of healing, I know the best way to process and support myself when they come up.

If you are having repressed memories reoccur and you are finding it painful.

Please do reach out, rest assured you are not going crazy, talking it through can help bring piece of mind to whatever situation you are facing. Also please be kind and gentle with yourself, it is exhausting thinking over the past again and again, searching for answers and reviewing everything. So be sure to rest and take some time out for you.

I feel lighter and less consumed by the past

I am much more comfortable in my own skin and far happier as a result

The feeling of disgust I carried for years after the sexual abuse has gone

It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders

My relationship with my spouse has become closer and deeper after working with Nicola

I have compassion and love for myself

The rape left me feeling like damaged goods and I no longer feel that way

I have more energy, so I’m able to get so much more accomplished

Thank goodness my sleeping has returned to normal, I’m feeling healthier

I am smiling so much more

I have lost 10kg as I have lost the urge to binge eat

I’ve managed to stop the cycle of attracting unavailable men and find the love of my life

I’m far less anxious about things and feel more confident

I no longer let anyone push me around. I’ve stopped people pleasing and now voice my opinions.

People tell me that I look younger and I certainly feel it

As every case of sexual abuse and trauma is unique, the healing process must be tailored to the individual and what they are comfortable with. Some like to fly in to Dubai or a place of their choosing (retreat or home visit) for a 3-day intensive program of clearing. Others like to have a slower longer process where we work together over a period of 6 to 12 months online or in Dubai.

Methods I am trained in include emotional bodywork healing, sexual de-armouring, cellular healing using “the journey by Brandon Bays”, clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling NLP and coaching, so together we can pick what will suit you best in the moment.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe, as this is essential for sexual abuse and trauma healing to take place. If this calls to you in some way and you would like to explore if working with me and my approach could be right for you, I invite you to have a free 20 minute consultation with me.

Nicola Beer is an Eating, Family and Relationship Specialist. Services include marriage coaching an alternative to marriage counselling, divorce coaching, grief counselling, anger management, healing from abuse and self-esteem boosting. Eating support includes helping men and women to have  freedom from bulimia, anorexia, compulsive, comfort, binge and emotional eating. She also runs a relationship coaching certification training and business mentorship program for those that want to start or grow a healing or life coaching business. She is a US certified grief recovery specialist, counselor, life coach and hypnotherapist online or UAE & Saudi Arabia (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah Khobar, Damman)


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