how to drastically improve your sex life, build your self confidence & bring the spark back to the bedroom!

Learn how to re-ignite the magic in your relationship by rediscovering your confidence and feeling attractive…

...Plus discover how to attract and enjoy the intimacy in your relationship through trust, touch, and self-love.

Are you:

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    Are you experiencing a fear of sex?
  • Tired of feeling like your sex life is in the gutter
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    Sick of feeling like your partner is intimate with you out of pity?
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    Sure that the spark you once had in the bedroom is no more?
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    Wanting to know how to increase your sexual desire naturally?
  • Yearning to be sexually desired by your partner?
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    Despondent that your sex life took a dive after childbirth or IVF treatments?
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    Or your partner addicted to porn but don't know what to do about it?
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    Wanting to be seen and wanted by your partner like you did when you first met?
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    Sex starved and don't know what to do to revive the intimacy?
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    Suffering with pain or vaginal tightness every time you are intimate?
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    Wishing you had the confidence to initiate sex with your partner?
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    Always feeling 'too tired' to be intimate with your partner or feeling a fear of intimacy & sex?
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    Lacking body confidence or just never feel in the mood?
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    Wishing you could have a wilder, more open sex life with your partner?
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    Wanting an even better sex life or the best you've ever had?
  • Feeling like you've stopped wanting your partner sexually?
  • Finding it hard to maintain an erection?
  • Tired of trying things like viagra or other treatments but nothing seems to be helping?

...Then you should keep reading...

stop feeling pressured or putting pressure 

Learn how to stop the passive aggressiveness, being demanding or being put on a guilt trip every time you and your partner don't get intimate.

Stop bringing the issues up over and over again

Learn how to stop the vicious cycle of blame and talking/arguing the situation out and instead discover ways to solve the problems by taking the right steps.

stop feelings of resentment in their tracks

Learn how to tackle the issues instead of pretending they don't exist or hoping it will fix itself while depriving your relationship of a healthy sexual relationship.

Stop Feeling Rejected Or Rejecting Your Partner

Learn why you need to stop rejecting your partner and how to handle the rejection by taking steps to make sure no one has reason to reject the other. 

stop waiting for your sex life to change by itself!

You can change things by taking action and putting the right energy into it!

take your first step today & learn:

> How to Focus on attraction

Why it's so important to take the time and action to become physically attractive in the feminine or masculine energy. How to become more desired and feel desirable naturally.

> How to Create An

Emotional Connection

Rediscover that emotional intimacy within your relationship to bring back the sexual connection you and your partner once enjoyed and feel closer to them than ever.

> How to educate

yourself about sex

Get access to a professional who can help answer your questions, address your concerns and help inspire you to feel more intimate with your partner. 

> How to Take action

in your sex life

Discover what you need to do to take the steps you need to take to go back to enjoying a healthy, loving sex life filled with pleasure and the intimacy you and your partner are longing for. Learn how to increase sexual desire in men and women and how to get over the fear of having sex.

> How to Create

More Passion

Be inspired to explore ideas and ways to create more passion in your relationship. Find ideas and inspiration that you can translate into a enjoyable experience for you and your partner either inside the bedroom or out!

> How to address unwanted behaviour patterns

Learn how to overcome those challenges that may be blocking you, like a fear of sex phobia and others, from having a fully enjoyable experience with your partner. You can get rid of any unwanted behaviour and improve your sex life at the same time!

Choose The Option That Works For You

Option #1

One-on-One Sex Revitalize Program

  •  x 1 Hour Coaching Sessions (as an individual or as a couple)
  • Suggestions to support You No matter What Your sexual Challenge, That Have worked for other couples  like you
  • If desired - 1 Personalized hypnotherapy recording  Designed Specifically For You To Listen To Increase Results
  •   Unlimited email Support For 2 months
  • Plus a Sex and Relationship Book Reading List Relevant For You to Choose what appeals to you

Option #2

Men/Women Hypnotherapy Bundle

  • Suitable for listening any time you can relax
  • Tracks specially designed for men & women (separate bundles)
  • Ideal for working on your self in a relaxed manner
  • Use as many times as you need
  • Plus access to further support as and when you need it

See What Others Are Saying



Hey Nicola just wanted to let you know that my wife is now pregnant and it's all thanks to having the sex therapy sessions with you. Just being able to talk about sex openly was helpful and the reading list you recommended was also really great. Before neither of us was that happy, but didn't say anything until resentment had built and we both felt angry and hurt. It was great decision to sign up, even though I was not keen at first, I can now really see the benefit of talking any issues through with a specialist. I thought it would make things worse, but in fact things got so much better. Thanks so much and in the nicest way, I hope not to ever need your services again



Hi Nicola, my wife and are benefiting so much from my 1 to 1 sessions with you . That and the empowered love audio program are making a huge difference as we are actually falling in love again. I feel so good about how things are going. So many heartfelt thanks to you for all you are doing to save marriages, ours included!


After years of trying to have more sex with my wife, I gave up and shut myself off. Then I found that I couldn't get excited about sex with her, when she did want sex. I struggled and it was awful. I was skeptical to speak to Nicola or try hypnotherapy because I don't really believe in therapy, but I knew my problem was psychological and not physical, so I gave the sessions and hypnotherapy a go. To my surprise it did make a difference quickly, and I brought the sexual boost for women for my wife. Our intimacy is now more frequent and satisfying and my fear has completely gone. You should be charging way more than this, I would have paid 10 times more for this, thank you

Nicola Beer is a  counselor , hypnotherapist and somatic therapist that works online and in Dubai . Her relationship counseling therapy is offered online  and throughout the UAE & Saudi Arabia (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah Khobar, Damman)

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