Why Emotional Eating and Dieting is more damaging than we realise...
"How to stop letting emotional eating &
compulsive food behaviors control your life, 
so you can feel at peace with food & your body.
From: Nicola Beer
Date: Monday XX (The day your life takes a turn for the best!)

For as far back as I can remember, I have struggled with my eating habits and behaviors.

Literally, for over 25 years I suffered because I did not know how to eat sensibly or normally.

I was either dieting, overeating, compulsively eating, starving myself, excessively exercising or making myself sick after eating.

It was lonely, limiting and life-threatening to live like this.

All the advice I got didn’t help and treatments did nothing.
In fact, all the information on food I got only made me analyze it and think about it more.

My obsession with food and low self-esteem started from an early age.

My mother was always shouting and screaming at me and my brother and sisters.

Because she suffered from mental breakdowns, she was both verbally and physically abusive with us.

It was so hard to deal with at such a young age that sometimes I wished I could just disappear.

The daily verbal torments became unbearable and wore me down…

...they made me feel unloved and like I was unlovable.

I figured that if my own mother didn’t want me around that this was the effect I must have on people.

But more than that, I really began to believe that I was not someone who was worthy of love.

That’s how and when I started to use food to cope with my emotions.

There’d be days I would stop eating altogether to get attention and then there would be days where I felt so stressed out that I just couldn’t bring myself to eat because I could not relax and other times I just wanted to punish myself.

Then there were days I would eat so much…

...too much…

....just to escape the misery and be able to not feel anything at all.

Eating gave me that instant buzz of pleasure and enabled me to escape my life (if only for a moment)

Because with each bite I took, all I thought about was food and nothing else.
Can You Relate To This Kind Of Situation?
Emotional eating is the number one cause of obesity in the western world and emotional dieting is the number one cause of eating disorders.

Yet, despite this, most diets and nutritionists ignore the emotional element of it and tend to only blame the wrong type of food.

This is not only making the problem worse…

...but it’s also robbing people of happiness and the freedom they deserve…

...and in some circumstances, even killing them.

I’m guessing that this is not the first time you have heard about changing and breaking emotional eating or dieting habits…

In fact, absolutely everywhere we turn there are new diets…

...magazines have all the latest trends on what works and how you can lose the weight you’ve always wanted to, from…

...downsizing in time for that ‘summer body’...

...to detoxing after Christmas and New Year in time for a new year and ‘new you’.

The media is obsessed with spreading the message of shedding pounds and this leads us to either eat too MUCH or too LITTLE.

It literally takes our attention away from what really matters in life like LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS and CONNECTING WITH ONE ANOTHER.

I don’t know about you but I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing about foods that are either good or bad for you.

We just cannot seem to escape this preoccupation with food.

It’s exhausting.

Between social media, TV and our surroundings, we are constantly being told what foods we should consume next.
So if you’ve tried to stop thinking about food and your body size and image so much and failed, it is not your fault
  • If you’ve also tried to stop the binging, bulimia and extreme dieting and just can’t seem to be at peace or stay at a natural normal body weight range that’s understandable and…

  • ...it’s ALSO not your fault.

  • There is so much information out there and it’s confusing.

  • You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction by now, what you focus on you get. Well, that’s just it, we want to get away from analyzing our every bite and thinking about food…

  • ...but it’s everywhere so we adopt more of the behaviors we want to be free of.

  • But, what I am going to share with you is going to help you break away from this in a really simple way.
You can change your old habits and 
thoughts without the fear of getting 
fatter or limiting yourself
If you’ve been trying to slim down but can’t seem to do it without following a diet of restriction and control, I will show you a natural way to reach your natural composition by taking your mind of food 24/7.

It’s also not painful.

I want you to put those fears to rest that you need to struggle to be free from emotional eating or compulsive food behaviours.

You can do this!

You just need the right guidance to follow.
The Current Ways To Help Simply Don’t Work
This is because we don’t need more general food advice.

We don’t need more information on what diets celebrities are following.

We don’t need to know the exact breakdown of the content of every single bite we take .


...we don’t need to obsess about food and track and compare the fats, carbs and protein of everything we eat and analyze this.

And if you’ve ever thought that your colleagues, family, or friends are dictating to you about your food because they are annoyed with their own food choices or body, you may be right.

I’d also get annoyed when people, who were unable to help themselves, were commenting on what I was eating or how thin or fat I looked.

Here’s the thing.

This is about them, it’s often their issues coming out.

They may not realize they are doing it or they may want you to be a certain way or eat a certain way to make themselves feel better.

Most people also don’t recognise that it’s not a lack of intelligence you have when it comes to food and nutrition, food behaviours are driven by our emotions.

The difference with what I am going to share with you is that I really, really care about you and your happiness. I want to help you restore peace in your life, and to be at peace with your body and food.
You too can be free from old patterns and instead be living the life of your dreams feeling amazing and happy in your own skin!!
If there was one really important, life changing thing I learnt that I want you to know it’s that…

You cannot be free of something that you are constantly focusing on...

...and if you are constantly focusing on what you are eating or not eating, diets, weight and body image…

...it is going to become your life.

ALL the ways and strategies I had followed to try and break the cycle of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and compulsive eating didn’t work…

...because they focused on getting me focused on food, dieting, controlling, restricting, plans, weight and body image.

It’s no wonder that things were getting worse and despite my best efforts I felt like I was back to square one.
That’s when I realized that I was on to something MASSIVE.
You cannot free yourself from the mind trap of food control, food analysis and obsession using yet another food plan or way of eating.

Trying to fix eating with more mind games is futile.

I realized all the years I did this I was robbing myself not only from the Joy of Eating but of being in the moment for other things in life.

My mind needed a break from food control and planning.

I desperately yearned for peace, peace of mind, peace with my body, peace with food and eating.

My mind needed to rest and focus on the things that mattered to me most – making a difference, family, love, helping others, laughter, fun.

And this is exactly what YOU need too!
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“I thought I would never, ever love my body and honestly thought there was no reason in doing the program. I had scars from my pregnancy that I hated and I was so consumed with always wanting to hide my ankles and calves. I said to Nicola that if the program relied on me needing to love my body then it was just never going to work for me because I had tried the whole self-love route before. Nicola put my mind to rest when she told me that I would not need to focus on loving those parts of my body or make any effort to love myself. Instead, she helped me with a simple shift in energy and when I am in that energy, it changed everything. I started the exercises and listening to the meditations and I was blown away. After I did the clearing emotion and letting go exercises, I felt amazing and I stopped caring about my legs and scars because I realized they are part of me and accepted them. I can’t explain how I feel different but all I know is that I feel great. My whole world looks different now!”
Anybody can generate love inside of themselves instantly…
Through self-love and by loving 
someone else!
My techniques can help you from focusing on destructive habits and constantly putting yourself down and punishing yourself - even if you don’t fully believe in the power they hold!

I guide people from all walks of life, both men and women who felt like their life was put on hold because of the hold that food had over their lives.

They are either people who have gone through some form of counseling or rehabilitation but have somehow always resorted to their destructive patterns again.

This is why the traditional route of getting you into counseling where you talk about your past, your feelings and food behaviors, is not enough for lasting change as works with the conscious mind only.

Sure you may have managed to change how you consciously view food and your body in the past. You may have in the past lost or gained weight and been successful only to find that you are back where you started.

That is because in order to break away from emotional eating patterns. We need to change our relationship with food, our body at the subconscious level. We need to retrain the way we deal with emotions if we want to have inner peace and stay at the weight that is healthy for our bodies.

The counseling works on the assumption that by ‘talking’ about your past and your feelings you will somehow be able to stop the compulsions or addiction. ...This is NOT the case!

I know this first hand. 

I literally spent thousands of dollars on counseling.

In the counseling sessions, I talked about my childhood, my mother, my father, my work, my boss, my relationships with men, my friendships, my brother and sisters, my relationship with money and eating habits.

I felt like each week I was telling story after story but not getting anything in return.

I struggled to see how talking about the story of my childhood would free me if all I did was talk and no healing or strategies were offered to move forward were given.

I waited and waited for another expensive counseling session after another and nothing constructive was offered to me.

I started to dread the commuting, waiting, sharing and commuting.

And worst of all…

...My food behaviors had not changed and I was beginning to lose ALL hope.

I found the whole experience exhausting rather than energizing.

Talking about sad times made me feel sadder and eat more.

I was getting worse and paying for it.

I was spiraling into negativity and my eating patterns were out of control. We talked about my feelings and emotions, but there was no exercise or tools to process and clear these emotions.

What I needed to hear was success stories of people that binge eat, compulsively eat, starve or make themselves sick I like did. I needed to hear how that this counselor had helped people change their lives and become free.

What I needed to take away with me was tools for when I felt the urge to overeat or be sick or to avoid eating altogether. I needed guidance for those moments when the urges to act out were strong, I wanted someone to message or call so I could resist the urge and instead eat healthily and sensibility.

I needed to know what to do if you feel drained with guilt for eating something...

...or how to stop thinking and obsessing about the next thing to put in my mouth. But most importantly...

I needed to love myself…
Start Healing Now With These 3 Steps:
Step 1:

Free yourself from stress and
guilt-related feelings about
food using proven techniques
Step 2:

Switch energy to protect yourself from
other people’s comments and opinions on your
food, eating patterns, weight and shape.
Step 3:

Reach and maintain a healthy weight in a
healthy way, without binging and starving
My breakthrough on the road to success was realizing that I needed people who understood what it was like to emotionally eat and restrict food, that I could not do it alone.
I needed to know that I was not the only one who has these thoughts and behaviors.

Someone who understood me, my patterns and my pain.

Someone who could give hope and strength as well.

When I first set out to change this pattern and break away from food controlling and compulsive eating I thought that I would change on my own.

I thought, I am strong, self-aware, I could see that it was about control and a way to deal with my emotions, I saw I had a huge fear of gaining weight and didn’t love myself – so I believed I could do it all by myself using my conscious mind.
I was wrong. 

I tried everything I changed the food I ate, the times I ate, I banned certain foods. Then I thought I needed to change my external circumstances in order to stop the destructive eating and food habits, I believed that once I fell in love and was in a secure relationship, it would go or when I changed career, had more money, had less family responsibilities, fixed my health… it would all stop.

My circumstances did change but my food behaviours did not. Left to my own devices I kept slipping up. As I was not making any changes on the subconscious level.

Will power is no defensive against an emotional compulsion, habit or addiction. Will power is not enough to fight bodily cravings and strong emotional patterns.

That was then I started training in over 10 different modalities to learn the best way to retrain my brain to handle situations differently.
I became certified in Spiritual Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation Therapy, Addiction Recovery, Transpersonal Counselling, Relationship Counseling, Grief and Loss Recovery, Cellular Healing and Yoga Teacher Training. 
Having studied Different Techniques extensively and testing them on myself, I've managed to not only heal myself but had the privilege to help others who are going through the same painful experiences every day
With every person I continue to help, there is always one common outcome that seems to make itself present:
Knowing that you have the support and love from other people who have gone through what you have gone through goes such a long way to bringing anyone back from the brink of despair. 

I guess right about now you are wondering how something like this could work for your situation? Or perhaps what a difference it could make to your life if you thought about food less and eating the right healthy amount for you was effortless.

Whilst my journey started being about the eating habits, food and weight preoccupation, I got so much more than freedom from the deadly cycle. I got to feel love, real love, and love for life, myself and others.

What has saved me and countless others I have supported is switching away from the emotions that drove us to act out with food by turning up feel good energies and love.

That’s the secret. The secret to having peace in your life and around food is love.

Vibrating love energy changes everything

The more I focused on self-love and loving everything and everyone - the emotional eating, and compulsive behaviours stopped.
Not only that... 

When I became love:

I attracted love, happiness and success to me in every area of my life

I got my health back, I now have so much energy and passion.

I got through tough times like the end of a relationship, several family arguments and financial setbacks without acting out.

In short I turned my life around, and with this:

You Are Getting Tried-And-Tested Successful Ways That Work And Have Been Working For Clients Over And Over...For Years!
After seeing that this was the most powerful discovery I’d ever made it led me to KNOW this one truth.
The only way to live a full life, is to 
switch food controlling and compulsive eating with love so you can have pure peace.
It’s where Miracles Happen!

Through awakening my love energy my inner food critic had stopped, I felt inner peace.

Without a doubt to this day this was the single biggest thing that changed my life and turned my life from dull to bright.

Love is on tap, we just need to remove the barriers to love (mainly fear and frustration) and TURN IT ON FULL BLAST.


It is for this reason I formulated a unique step-by-step program!

It’s called…
The Pure Peace Formula! 
After I personally experienced zero help from the countless, time and money wasting counselling sessions, I felt that others out there must be feeling as helpless as I once did.

Falsely believing and accepting that they have to have food issues with them forever! Or spending thousands of dollars on new diets, detoxes, meal plans, exercise equipment or gym memberships to break a pattern that has nothing to do with these things. As binging, and starving is triggered by our emotional patterns.

Unlike The Pure Peace Formula, most of the counselling sessions and ‘guides for healthier living’ on offer you find online or locally are compiled by non-existent personas hiding behind impressive profiles.

And with the Pure Peace Formula, you are getting me - a real human being - that you can get in touch with, check in with and talk to! (my details will follow 😊 )

And, the counselling sessions by qualified professionals - that focus on talking only and that don’t work with the subconscious mind - are pretty much mostly outdated and do not achieve more than 20% success rates...

Actions are needed for change, not talking are you with me?
I Felt Like I Had The Duty Of Sharing The 
Impactful, Unique Secrets I Had 
Discovered On My Journey Of Healing
The exact actions needed to switch from low frequency and low vibe energies to love.
It is my mission to be able to help as many other people experiencing the same destructive feelings around emotional eating and harmful food control.

The truth is, you may not have the opportunity to come and see me face-to-face.

But, that does not prevent me from being able to help you love yourself, feel at peace with yourself and be free from destructive thoughts and food behaviours. You can begin to experience freedom today with the Pure Peace Formula!
Don’t just take my 
word for it…
Take A Look At This Video Below About How Detrimental To Your Marriage, ‘Marital Counseling’, Can Actually Be!
Before You’re Able To Start This Heartfelt Mission To Save Your Marriage, It’s Important That You Stop Believing The Most Damaging Untrue Statements About Saving Your Marriage
“I cannot remember the exact date or year I started being sick after food, but it was definitely in my teens. I went through periods when I was not sick for months on end, and was proud of that. But it would often come back when I ate too much, something would click in my head and I would think to myself well you have eaten so much now, might as well eat everything in sight and be sick. That’s exactly what I did. Other things that used to trigger my binges or bulimia was when someone said I’d put on weight or that my stomach looked big. Anything could trigger it and I’d be angry at myself after but I’d still do it again and again. In some periods of my life, I did it every day, that’s where I was before I joined the program – I was doing it sometimes after only eating a small amount and it was killing my happiness. I am 34 and felt 14 doing it. I am so grateful that not only has it stopped but that I now look at food and my emotions in a completely different way. I feel confident I will never do that to myself again because something has shifted inside me. I wish I found this help sooner rather than suffering thinking I am the only person who does this.”
“Great program, well-structured, with practical no-nonsense advice. It was also easy to fit in around work as everything was recorded. I was concerned it wouldn’t work for me as I love my food but it was and 6 months later I have naturally lost 32 pounds. This has given me my wife back, it has saved our marriage and I am now able to run around the park with my children. Something I couldn’t do as easily before.”
New York
Just Some Of The Things You Will Learn…
  • How to forgive yourself for eating the “wrong food” quickly and not dwell on it
  • How to stop the cycle of dieting, binging and purging for good
  • How to get to your target weight in a healthy way and be patient in the process
  • How to love yourself and see your beauty no matter what you eat or what size you are
  • How to stop food from distorting everything that is good in your life
  • How to stop yourself from comfort eating
  •  How to fight the voice that says “eat more ,finish it up” “start tomorrow” “Be sick”
  •  How to stop planning and thinking about food all the time
  •  How to stop using food as a reward or comfort and start seeing food as fuel for the body and soul
  •  How to eat peacefully without the fear of getting fat
  •  How to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see
  •  How to food shop easily and effortlessly without spending ages reading labels and flip flopping over what you want
  •  How to be free from the mental obsession of food and overcome binge-eating
  •  How to control emotional eating and overcome emotional eating
  •  How to eat well, feel better, increase your energy and look better by eating sensibly
  •  How to share food and eat with others, relax and let go.
  •  How to switch low vibe emotions and energies to love
  •  How to experience true peace and freedom
  •  Identify your emotional eating triggers and prevent them from affecting you
  •  How to connect to love and relationships and other things that are important
  •  How to get sabotaging thoughts out of your head and system, so you don’t act on them

The Powerful Pure Peace Formula
Because this is a program offered in a digital format, you are able to INSTANTLY access your content… no matter what time it is or where you are!

Your purchase is completely private and will be accessible on your computer once you download it in under 2 minutes!

And… because there are no shipping fees or printing costs, I am excited to be able to offer this program to you significantly cheaper than what you might be expecting to pay for the support, and how-to guide compiled into one resource.
But You Will Need To ACT FAST!
Let me explain why.

Each day that you continue to harmfully restrict your eating, purge or over eat and focus on food to the point where you barely think of nothing else, is one less day you have to enjoy your life the way you are supposed to be enjoying it.

You have the power to take action against this, I know you do.

You have the power to stop comfort eating, overcome emotional eating, and to radiate self-love, to be buzzing on love energy and the freedom to be at peace with yourself, food and life itself?

“I am a new person, I no longer reach for food to get through the day, instead I focus on what is causing the urge for more food and deal with the feelings instead.” My health has improved and I have also become much closer to my wife. Our sex life was really suffering before and now we have turned a corner, I am more passionate about life. It was also the catalyst I needed to begin a career change. I’ve always loved being outside and keeping active and I’m now retraining to be a teacher, something the program helped me see. I have so much gratitude for life. I dread to think where I would be now without it, probably sat down stuffing my life away and battling with myself on a daily basis.”
Your total (no hidden charges) is only $497
Here’s What’s Included
In The 6-Week Pure Peace Program:
1 to 1 call with Nicola on How to STOP mentally obsessing about food, weight and what you’re eating or not eating.

Together you will find the right thing for you to focus on.
Module 2: CLEANSE
1 to 1 call with Nicola covering the tools to clear away guilt, fear and frustration around food, weight and body shape. Meditations given for you specifically for this.
Module 3: CHANGE
1 to 1 call with Nicola on creating lasting change.  Breaking free from destructive food behaviours emotional eating and dieting
Self-love audio program on how to Really Love Your Body so you can love yourself and life fully
How to reach your ideal body composition & weight naturally, sensibly and healthy via the healthy eating hypnotherapy given to you.
How to protect yourself from triggering situations and people. Powerful protective shield hypnotherapy track to eliminate negativity.
You Get The Following
When You Join The Program:

Pure Peace Toolkit - exercises and PDF's to keep you motivated to eat healthily and Sensibly   Effortlessly. 
This program includes 3 x Private 1 to 1 calls with Nicola - 45 minutes Each 
Receive laser sharp relevant advice
Meditations – Stress and anxiety release, self-esteem, Dissolve Anger, Forgive & let go of Resentment or old patterns 
The Love Energy Toolkit – keep on track when people sway you, keep your love energy alive and kicking
The Modules Are the Base of the Pure Peace Formula, Designed As A Complete System To Free You from emotional eating and 
compulsive food behaviours As well as freedom from thinking and obsessing about your body shape and weight. 
Sound good?

The modules are only available as a complete set since their effectiveness depends on one module building on the other.

The system is specifically targeted to help you love your body, self and food. It's about understanding LOVE ENERGY and that all eating disorders are a result of fear and or not loving your body, yourself or life at that moment.

So let me guide you to changing the way you think about yourself and help you to feel free, loved and emotionally fulfilled!
 “When I listened to Nicola’s story I just knew inside that I had to sign up and become free. I don’t normally spend a big chunk of money on myself but I when I thought about that living like this was costing me emotionally and how I wanted to be a healthy role model for my children it was a no brainer. I had already missed out or ruined so many social gatherings being worried about what food would be there and I was ready for change. I am so glad I signed up for the 6-week program, it changed every area of my life. I learnt what was behind my eating patterns and how to let the issues go, as well as how not to be triggered by other people’s comments about food, my body and size. I also found peace with the fear of being fat, recognizing it was just fear of not being loved. Now I love myself and body, something I would have thought possible; my fears went away and to date, thank god have not come back.”
Abu Dhabi
So, To Recap -
When You Join The Program, 
You Get:
Pure Peace Toolkit - Healthy Eating Hypnotherapy Program
In this you get the powerful life changing heathily eating hypnosis program called the pure peace toolkit that supports you to make lasting changes in your eating habits and get motivation to follow through on exercise and nutrition right for you.

Value: $697
Meditations – Self-Esteem, Love Energy, Self-Belief, Letting Go Of Old Pattern Meditations
These meditations are ideal for getting you into the right mind space and mindset. Put them on all your devices and take them everywhere you go. Any time you feel like you need to reset, take a moment and listen and you will not only feel better but lighter too.
Value: $500
The Love Energy Toolkit – Keep On Track When People Sway You, Keep Your Love Energy Alive 
And Kicking
One of the best resources available that you get as a bonus. It’s an entire set of tools designed to help you feel love, be love and share love. Sometimes people can try to sway us off our healing and this is the perfect way to get back on track without letting those people or their energy affect you.
Value: $1,500
3 x 45 Minute Personal Calls with Nicola
You get 3 x 45-minute private sessions with me and I help you to free yourself from whatever is bothering you so that we can set a course of action for your journey towards a love-filled life. In these sessions we can really get to the root of what you want to achieve. We will focus on letting go of emotional eating or starving or any other destructive behaviors around food.

Its creation is based on tried and tested principles that not only help you heal but assist you to form a lifelong healthy relationship with yourself and food. Each call follows on from the previous one to ensure you adopt the strategies for life.
Value: $3000 
Total Value: $5,697
Your Total (No Hidden Charges)
Is Only $497
Well, that’s my deal that I am offering you!

You get The Pure Peace Formula toolkit, meditations, self-love energy toolkits and Q&A’s sessions.

You also get me. My passion, energy, commitment, and love to help you.

I believe you have what it takes inside you to love yourself and live a better life, you are the only one who can make it happen though. But I can guide you every step of the way if you let me.

If you feel that this is not right for you, please feel free to move onto another website.

I don't need to convince you how important your life is to you...

If you are really ready to heal and experience the life that you truly deserve. One filled with love, happiness and the freedom to be yourself...

Then take action and take back your life, starting TODAY! 
"I used to procrastinate a lot and even though I thought the program would work, because it was different to anything I had ever heard before, I was worried that I would not follow through. I had been compulsively eating over my emotions for years since my marriage broke down. I knew things had to change, but I wondered if I would get the benefit from the course and actually show up to the classes. I had bought online courses before for lots of different things and never even bothered to log into them. When Nicola shared with me how when you get support in a group masterclass it works a bit differently, as she'd be in regular contact with every member throughout the whole six weeks, I was surprised. Surprised that she is so dedicated to help people , that she follows up with us regularly. I appreciated that, as I can be lazy. I didn’t want another thing I purchased to be left untouched. In the group we had fun. We'd share success stories, strength and hope, so you could not help but be motivated. It made me want to show up. Support is key."

“I didn't want to get into my personal stuff, all I wanted to do was to stop over eating and beating myself up over it. I did not want to delve into my past, and did not want to relive the emotions I had put to rest some time ago. This is what had put me off traditional counseling. As a CEO of a media company, I had a heavy workload and the last thing I wanted was to open a box of worms. When I joined the Pure Peace Formula Program I Felt relieved that not only did I not need to do that, that I could join the group and stay anonymous. After each call I felt great like a weight had been lifted, it felt good to listen to the classes and hear other people’s questions, as I too had the same questions and issues. I didn't feel alone and managed to stop the over eating and be at peace with what I ate.”

You Can Free Yourself And STOP 
mentally obsessing about food 
> Starting NOW
Getting Access To the Complete System Is Simple:
2 Easy payments of 
Monthly Billing - Starting Today
    full payment of
    Once off - Lifetime Access
      The time for taking action is now. . . 
      but only YOU can take it!
      I have created the resources you will need to help you experience freedom around food.

      I have also made it so that you are able to access the information at any place in the world any time of the day. 

      I have guaranteed that it will work. I am living proof of that.

      I had issues with food for 25 years, I was a food addict, compulsive eater, bulimic and starved myself in between, yet managed to break free using this simple cutting edge formula.

      I am like an aerobic instructor to those that take the path to freedom. I can guide you through the moves but I cannot do them for you.

      The final actions that need to be taken are yours and only you can decide if your life is worth the small amount of effort necessary to turn it around.
      If You Are Ready To Empower Yourself Today, 
      Join The Pure Peace Formula Program Today 
      and YOU Will:
      • Achieve your target weight in a healthy way and be happy and vibrating love energy in the process
      • Love yourself and see your beauty no matter what size or shape you are
      • Stop food from distorting everything that is good in your life
      • Clear the root beneath your emotional eating & guide you on how to stop emotional eating
      • Be free from comfort eating or compulsive eating
      • Lose or gain weight in a healthy way
      • Break the urge to over eat foods that are not good for you
      • Be balanced around food, enjoying eating only eat when hungry
      • Stop planning and thinking about food all the time – HOORAY!
      • Get relief from false appetites, so you stop eating when you are already full
      • Be at peace and stop the violent restricting and punishing yourself with food
      • Stop isolating yourself away to eat and hiding food
      • Learn to love all parts of you and have inner peace
      From my heart to yours, 

      Nicola Beer
      Relationship and Self-Love Transformations
      Over the past 10 years I’ve helped 1000’s of people all over the world find more freedom, love and enjoyment in their lives. Certified in counselling, psychology, coaching, hypnosis, addiction, grief and loss and NLP, I have been creating and testing ways to empower people to create positive changes in their lives.

      One of the main things I struggled with was my eating habits and behaviors. For over 25 years I suffered as I didn’t know how to eat moderately and sensibly. I thought I was in control but in truth I was totally out of control and always disappointed.

      Stuck in the cycle of binging and starving. I was either dieting, compulsive eating, or trying desperately to lose weight in an unhealthy way through excessive exercise, making myself sick or taking laxatives.. It was lonely, limiting and life-threatening to live this way.

      All the advice I was given did not help, treatments did not clear it, and it certainly did not help to get more information on food and to analyze and think about diets and food plans more.

      After 25 years of pain, 10 years of research and helping others heal and love themselves, I discovered the most powerful way to change this and have now shared this secret with countless others, who, like me, now live a life of freedom around food. I’ve worked with people from all over the world, from all walks of life and the programs work if you follow the steps to let go and feel good.

      I’m an international best-selling author of 4 books and have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Network, Huffington Post, and Wall Street Select. I also host 2 very popular podcasts on iTunes and other podcast platforms that help people love their life and feel amazing.
      P.S. Maybe you have skipped to this part. So if you have. This is what I am offering. You get your hands on your own copy of the Pure Peace Toolkit which includes the healthy eating hypnotherapy in it.

      Plus… You get 3 private 45 minute calls with me...

      Plus don’t forget the mega bonus of the Love Energy Toolkit, 16 audios designed to keep on track when the cravings and urges come or people’s comments begin to sway you.

      The whole system is designed to keep your love energy alive and kicking And finally sometimes I have to take down this page because I am too busy. The fact that this page is live on the website means there are a few slots left, sign up now or risk joining the waiting list for the next opening in 3 months!

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