Emotional Eating

Change your eating Patterns to Live Life More Fully – Eating Counselling with Nicola

Do You Comfort Eat Or Stop Eating During Stressful Times?

Do You Feel Guilty After Eating?

Do You Ever Feel Frustrated And Hopeless About Your Eating Patterns Or Weight?

Do You Think About Or Attempt To Get Rid Of Food You Have Eaten By Being Sick, Taking Laxatives, Or Dieting?

Do You Wish That You Felt Differently About Food & Your Body?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, I want you to know that you can change the way you see and treat food and your body. What you’re have been searching for is possible…

I know, because it transformed my life and the lives of so many others (read below) …

For many of us eating and food has become an emotional reward or punishment, a mental minefield where our thoughts are obsessed with what we are eating, what shape and size we are, how much we weigh, or whether we are having a good or bad day food-wise.

Instead of enjoying the food we eat we worry about it, feel guilty about it, think about or act out harmful ways to then get rid of it. Before we know it, it has infiltrated our whole life, occupying precious thinking space robbing us of being present and living in the moment.

Start a coaching program with me or get the pure peace audio program to:

  • Forgive yourself for eating the “wrong food” quickly and not dwell on it
  • Stop the cycle of dieting, binging and purging for good
  • Get to your target weight in a healthy way and be patient in the process
  • Love yourself and see your beauty no matter what you eat or what size you are
  • Stop food from distorting everything that is good in your life
  • Quieten the voice that says “eat everything & finish it all up” “start tomorrow” “be sick”
  • Learn how to stop thinking about food all the time
  • Eat peacefully without the fear of getting fat
  • Look in the mirror and be happy with what you see
  • Eat well, feel better, increase your energy and look better by eating in a sensible loving way

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Eating counselling in Dubai is designed to give you freedom from emotional eating, comfort eating and any other food behaviors. Let me help you achieve success and a sense of security and joy beyond what you can imagine.

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Eating Counselling with Nicola Beer Can Help You Change Your
Eating Habits to Live a Happier, Healthier Life.

Read about how I was able to help others:


Freedom from Emotional Eating 10 Step Video Course

For Better Welness & hope


“I am a new person, I no longer reach for food to get through the day, instead I focus on what is causing the urge for more food and deal with the feelings instead. My overall health has improved, and I have also become much closer to my wife and our sex life has really turned a corner too. One to one coaching was also the catalyst I needed to begin a career change. I’ve always loved being outside and keeping active and I’m now retraining to be a PE teacher, something the Nicola helped me see. I have so much gratitude for Nicola’s honesty, solution and action focused approach. I dread to think where I’d be if I carried on… probably stuffing my life away and battling with myself daily.”


“I had eating issues in my teens. Binging and then sometimes being sick. I’d get triggered by other comments and that would set me off. I’d then be so angry at myself, but I’d still do it again and again. During some periods of my life, I did it every day, that’s where I was before Nicola’s help. My eating habits were killing my happiness. I am so grateful that I’ve stopped binging and that I now look at food and my emotions in a completely different way. I feel confident I will never do that to myself again because something has shifted inside me. I wish I found this help sooner rather than suffering for years thinking I am the only person with crazy eating habits and that I’ll be like this forever.”


Gary used to procrastinate a lot and was worried that he would not follow through on the actions we set because he had tried so many diets, weight loss programs and bootcamps and nothing had worked! He'd been compulsively eating over his emotions for years and things got worse when his marriage broke down. He knew things had to change but wondered if counselling in Dubai was for him. He decided to take the chance when he found out that I offer unlimited email and messaging access to me in my one to one coaching programs, to support him throughout the transition and hold him accountable. He lost 23kg in 4 months and feels the best he ever has.


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