I know because I have been there two times in my life where I felt like:

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    It was like a dark heavy cloud was always over me everywhere I went.
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    I was drained of energy, nothing felt or tasted good & I didn’t want to be near anyone.
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    I just wanted to be on my own and yet at the same time I hated my own company.

So simply put I didn’t want to be anywhere.

This dark low mood consumed me, part of me knew it wasn’t true, that my life, my problems and the way I was living was not that bad. Yet I was just so overwhelmed with a low mood that I couldn’t seem to shake it.

When I tried to interact with people I felt like I was boring and unattractive, so I turned to food for comfort and then hated myself for it. I couldn’t see an end to the misery and hollowness, I woke up feeling horrible and went to bed feeling horrible. It was like I was being poisoned from the inside out, with no antidote to save me.

If any of this is resonating with you, then I want you to know that you don’t have to go Through it alone any more.

Having had a break through in my own recovery journey, I walk my clients through the steps of an individualised depression therapy plan to help them get out of the darkness in a healthy and natural way.

Do You Want To Overcome Depression & Stop Feeling like this? I Can Help You With Depression Counseling In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Through Online Sessions

The steps are simple but not easy and as depression is often a mask for deeper issues that need to be healed, having support to clear these issues can be extremely useful and help prevent a relapse as new ways of coping with life and emotions will be learnt.

I started as a volunteer back in 2003 talking on the phone to callers in a charity called Samaritans (it’s a UK charity that helps people who feel emotionally distressed or suicidal) but my passion to help people with depression started much earlier than this. I watched my mum go from being aggressive, manic and very depressed where she would stay in bed all day.

When I work with men and women through depression counselling, I offer unlimited email and messaging support, with action steps to create more happiness, overcome any problems, heal the past and break addictive habits. There are many tools and techniques I combine for depression therapy in Dubai or online including private counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching action steps to bring about lasting change. 



Meeting Nicola has been the best thing I could have ever done.
Having suffered a late miscarriage as well as dealing with severe anxietya and panic attacks, I began to feel like I would never lead a normal life free from overthinking or anxious feelings. I felt like I was falling deeper into a black hole and it was becoming harder to think I’d ever be okay. I’d stopped going out alone, began losing friends and started relying heavily on my husband for support. It was an incredibly lonely time.

Before I even had my first session I had a brief telephone conversation with Nicola and I instantly felt a bit of relief that someone finally knew what I was going through and she gave me that bit of hope I had been looking for. As soon as I started my first session I knew that I had made the right decision to work with Nicola. Not only did she listen intently, but also made me feel at ease that this hole I was in would take work to get out of but I will be okay.

Nicola uses a range of amazing techniques which are best suited to me and my emotional state at the time. There have been sessions full of tears where she lets me talk through my feelings, as well as sessions where my focus is inner healing and I’m learning techniques on how to cope with the grief of losing a baby - it all really depends on what we both feel is best, which I love as I feel I have a say in my path to healing.

I am still in shock that it has only been a few months and I am actually living and loving life! I am beginning to feel like I am a new me and one that is finally facing my anxiety and grief head on. I am finally able to go out alone, I am no longer experiencing dizziness or chest pains, and I’m not making any unnecessary embarrassing trips to the hospital!

As hard as it is to take that initial step into your healing journey, I can assure you with Nicola you will learn all the tools you need to live a better life in all aspects. I can honestly say she isn’t like other counselors I have seen and I’m so thankful to Nicola for all the support she has given to me through what was one of the worst times in my life. I’m so excited to see where this life will lead me!


I came to Nicola for depression treatment in Dubai because I felt extremely unhappy and lonely. I was with my husband and two children and it was meant to be the perfect life living abroad and in the sunshine but I felt demotivated and tired all the time. I didn’t want to go out or do activities with my family, I just wanted to stay in and watch tv. My husband was worried about me at first and then became annoyed, so I tried to change to be more positive but it never lasted. I also was getting really irritated with my children and maid over small things. It got so bad I was considering leaving but decided to give the depression therapy in Dubai with Nicola a chance so I could say to myself I tried. Nicola instantly put me at ease, she explained to me that depression is a sign to change some things and clear past hurt. It’s not bad and that I am not bad, I just need to learn from it and redesign my life. To my surprise I found the process enjoyable and looked forward to the sessions, each time feeling better and better. The hypnotherapy was great too, every time I felt low I would just listen to it and it would relax me. Now my relationship with my husband is much better, I feel closer to my children and by signing up to different courses and sports I’ve made a bunch of new friends. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and can’t thank Nicola enough.


Before I started the depression counselling in Dubai with Nicola, I was not happy about always feeling as if I was at fault, and that I was the cause of all of my marital problems. If I had continued down the path I was on, I would still be left feeling unsure of myself and whether or not I should own my actions for the benefit of my family.The thing about Nicola is that she is very friendly, supportive and always willing to lend an ear to my troubles. This was valuable because I was in a dark place and needed someone to lean on, and she gave me great, expert advice and actions to take became clearer.If I had to measure the results, I’d say I gained more self-confidence to own my actions, and that it was ok to be emotional around others when I was feeling extremely upset or vulnerable.I’d recommend Nicola to anyone having trouble with depression, their marriage or feeling unsure about their life decisions or the path their life is taking.

The hypnotherapy and guided meditations help to shift the underlying low mood, through private counselling and coaching we can begin to take steps to help you escape the negativity.

We will want to make sure that we are a good fit and I totally get that you may even lack the motivation to speak to anyone right now. So whenever you are ready book a free breakthrough depression session with me below.

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In Your Breakthrough Session, You Will:

  • Discover the #1 thing in your way to being free from constantly feeling heavy and hopeless;
  • Gain clarity on how to create lasting changes in your life;
  • Feel motivated to break free from any challenges that are holding you back, so you can experience inner peace and true happiness.

There is no commitment or obligation to use our depression counselling services.

Rest assured I will not – nor do I need to – “sell you” into one of my programs. I am here to support those who feel called to make a difference to their life and relationships, men and women who want to live life more fully and who are ready to step up and claim what they deserve.

You are assured that our conversation will be held in total confidence, in loving safe environment. It is my quest in life to be love and my purpose to support you to let love in and live vibrantly.

This is for you if you feel these symptoms of depression occur most of the day, nearly every day:

  • You feel sad, tearful, empty or hopeless to change things
  • You get angry over small things
  • You get irritated easily and feel irritable most of the time
  • You have lost interest or pleasure in activities that used to bring enjoyment such as sex, hobbies and exercise
  • Your sleep has been disturbed either trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • You feel tired all the time and drained of energy, so small things seem like hard work
  • Your food habits have changed either your appetite has disappeared and you just don’t feel like eating or your having huge cravings for food
  • You have lost or gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time
  • You feel anxious, agitated and restless
  • Your thinking has slowed right down, as well as your body movements
  • You feel guilty or regret for things that have happened in the past
  • You feel worthless and like a failure
  • You find it hard to concentrate, make decisions and your memory has faded
  • You have frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, and ending your life or even attempts at ending your life
  • You have unexplained physical problems, such as stomach ulcers, back pain, neck pain or headaches

If you are feeling several of these it’s time to reach out and get support for yourself. You deserve it although you may not feel like you deserve to be happy and feel loved right now, you do.


I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU – I know I say thank you at the end of every session but want to write this email because I got told I will be promoted today and it’s all down to you and the work we have been doing together. As you know before we started my job was not going well and I felt stressed out all the time. On the weekends I would numb myself with alcohol and TV, drinking, sleeping and watching Netflix’s was all I did. I hated everything and everyone and you got me to see that it was just negative self-talk in my way of feeling good and these negative thoughts could be changed. It’s been only 2 months since we started but I feel so much better and amazing things are happening now that I am more positive. I met a great girl last week and asked her out, thanks to you my confidence has grown massively. We are going out tomorrow so wish me luck, I will keep you posted.

My approach to holistic depression treatment in Dubai combines:

  • Counselling – clearing the past hurt and processing the emotions so you can release them
  • Coaching – daily actions to help you feel better and future planning to create a bridge out of the depression. With the new routines and new way of living we design for you, there will be less chance for you to slip back into depression and I am there to also support you stay on track
  • Guided meditations – Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is a great way to reprogram the mind from automatically seeing the negative to seeing the positive. 
  • 24 hour support – As our lives do not happen in one hour therapy windows, emergency support to check in during low or anxious times is something I offer. You can email me or message me any time if something is on your mind and won’t leave you.

Some of the things Those who have worked with me have said:

“I feel lighter like a weight as been lifted from my shoulders”

“I’ve returned to my normal weight and feel back to my normal peaceful and happy self again”

“I’m now able to socialise with my friends and family again without feeling awkward”

“I can now see positive things in my life and future”

“My relationship to my husband and children has got so much better, I feel their love now whereas before I just couldn’t feel it."

“Frustrations that used to bother me have faded away and I am smiling much more”

“I now like waking up and starting the day, before I used to want to stay in bed”

“My back pain and headaches went away”

“I am able to get off to sleep and stay asleep it has made such a difference”

“I am excited about the future and what I can achieve”

“Thoughts of jumping in front of a car or taking pills have been replaced with steps towards my future”

“I no longer have to fake being happy, I do actually feel happy on the inside”

“I’ve stopped putting myself down and the hypnotherapy increased my confidence”

“Everyone tells me I look younger and better, my face has become brighter”

“ I feel less worried about what is going to happen financially”

“I am fully functioning in my work now and able to get things done like I used to” 

Turning your life around will be a rewarding and exciting process and you will want to make sure that whoever you work with is a good fit for you. That they understand what it is like to feel despair and have tools and a strategy to help you get out of it. If you want to discuss depression therapy further and see if we are a fit together - click the button below and we can set up a time to talk it all through. 

Please note, this does not involve any psychiatric medicine and psychotic drugs. If you believe you need to have medication then it is best to also seek medical advice from a psychiatrist.
Whatever route you decide to go please know that you are worthy of love, worthy of feeling better than you do and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Nicola Beer is an Eating, Family and Relationship Specialist. Services include marriage coaching an alternative to marriage counselling, divorce coaching, grief counselling, anger management, healing from abuse and self-esteem boosting. Eating support includes helping men and women to have  freedom from bulimia, anorexia, compulsive, comfort, binge and emotional eating. She also runs a relationship coaching certification training and business mentorship program for those that want to start or grow a healing or life coaching business. She is a US certified grief recovery specialist, counselor, life coach and hypnotherapist online or UAE & Saudi Arabia (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah Khobar, Damman)


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