Depression Treatment in Dubai with
Nicola Beer

Nothing is worse than feeling depressed, where small things seem like a huge effort or where you want the ground to swallow you up and you just don’t want to be you anymore.

I know because I have been there two times in my life where I felt I was living in a dark heavy cloud, drained of energy and nothing and no one could make me feel good. I just wanted to be on my own yet, hated my own company. It was like I was being poisoned from the inside out, with no antidote to save me.

If any of this resonates with you, trust that there is a way to free yourselves from this life. I want you to know that you do not have to go through it alone anymore.

Depression Counseling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Through Online Sessions

Having had a breakthrough in my own recovery journey, I walk my clients through the steps of an individualized depression therapy plan to help them get out of the darkness in a healthy and natural way.

The steps are simple and requires consistency as depression is often a mask for deeper issues in need of healing and forgiveness. Having support to clear these issues can be extremely useful and help prevent a relapse as new ways of coping with life and emotions will be learnt.

There are many tools and techniques I combine for depression therapy in Dubai or online including private counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching action steps to bring about lasting change.

Common Signs Suggesting You Need Depression Treatment

  • You feel sad, tearful, empty or hopeless to change things
  • You get irritated easily and angry over small things
  • You have lost interest or pleasure in activities that used to bring enjoyment
  • Your sleep has been disturbed either trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • You feel tired all the time and drained of energy, so small things seem like hard work
  • Your food habits have changed either loss of appetite or overeating
  • You feel anxious, agitated and restless
  • Your thinking has slowed right down, as well as your body movements
  • You feel guilty or regret for things that have happened in the past
  • You feel worthless and like a failure

My approach to holistic depression treatment in Dubai combines:


Clearing the past hurt and processing the emotions.


Daily actions to help you feel better and future planning to create a bridge out of the depression.

Guided meditations

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is a great way to reprogram the mind from automatically seeing the negative to seeing the positive. 

24-hour support

You can email me or message me any time if something is on your mind and won’t leave you.

Please note, this does not involve any psychiatric medicine and psychotic drugs. If you believe you need to have medication, then it is best to also seek medical advice from a psychiatrist.  Whatever route you decide to go, please know that you are worthy of love, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Book Your Personal Breakthrough Session

If you are feeling several of these and almost daily, it is time to reach out and get support for yourself. You deserve it although you may not feel like you deserve to be happy and feel loved right now, you do.

Or if you’re not ready for one to one support just yet then get started changing your life today by getting my gift or starting an audio program – details below.

SELF-CONFIDENCE SECRETS An 8-week Comprehensive Course


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