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Peace of mind is a precious gift. To wake up calm, confident and grateful for the day ahead is a wonderful feeling to have but, sometimes our minds get ahead of us and we are unable to create the energy we need to live peacefully.

Various external factors such as work and financial stress, family and relationship problems, traumatic experiences, health issues and many more make us worrisome, anxious and skeptic about our life and our relationship with others.

Whilst some anxiety in life is helpful, if it is interfering with your enjoyment of life and relationship with others then anxiety counselling can support you to release worry and stress.

Anxiety Treatment in Dubai and Online

My approached has always been collaborative and unconventional. This has allowed me to communicate with others better. My anxiety treatment in Dubai which is also available online is a talking therapy, combined with action-oriented coaching and hypnotherapy aims to help you:

  • Break Free from Negative Thought Patterns
  • Reduce Panic Attacks
  • Manage Your Fears to Find Positive Alternatives
  • Manage Stress in A New Way
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Build A Support Network
  • Take Actions That Will Help You Be at Peace and Many more.

How Do We Bring Peace in Your Life?

Here are the 4 main tools I use to support men and women to dissolve worry and stress:

Anxiety Counselling

Discussing the events that led to the anxiety and releasing the unresolved emotions.

Anxiety Coaching 

Practical steps to build confidence and support to gradually step outside your comfort zone.

Anti-Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a great way to calm anxiety, stop panic attacks, overcome phobias and fears, deal with social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder

24/7 Support

As your anxiety is with you most of the time you and we will be working together to release and change the way you think and feel about yourself and life. I want you to feel supported.

For those I work with, I offer unlimited email and WhatsApp support so that you quickly share when things are bothering you or when you have a victory over the anxiety which will help you create the change much faster. 



Anxiety Treatment in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Online with Nicola Beer involve methods that do not include anxiety medication. Instead I focus on counselling talking therapy, emotional bodywork somatic therapy, hypnotherapy and somatic counselling.

Book Your Personal Breakthrough Session.

If you are seeking an alternative or complement support to anxiety medication

then contact me for an anxiety counselling Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Online session.

Or if you’re not ready for one to one support just yet then get started changing your life today by getting my gift or starting an audio program – details below.


SELF-CONFIDENCE SECRETS An 8-week Comprehensive Course

For Better Welness & hope


Hi Nicola, my wife and are benefiting so much from my 1 to 1 session with you . That and the empowered love audio program are making a huge difference as we are actually falling in love again. I feel so good about how things are going. So many heartfelt thanks to you for all you are doing to save marriages, ours included!



After years of trying to have more sex with my wife, I gave up and shut myself off. Then I found that I couldn't get excited about sex with her, when she did want sex. I struggled and it was awful. I was skeptical to speak to Nicola or try hypnotherapy because I don't really believe in therapy, but I knew my problem was psychological and not physical, so I gave the sessions and hypnotherapy a go. To my surprise it did make a difference quickly, and I brought the sexual boost for women for my wife. Our intimacy is now more frequent and satisfying and my fear has completely gone. You should be charging way more than this, I would have paid 10 times more for this, thank you


Hey Nicola, just wanted to let you know that my wife is now pregnant and it's all thanks to having the sex therapy sessions with you. Just being able to talk about sex openly was helpful and the reading list you recommended was also great. Before neither of us was that happy but didn't say anything until resentment had built and we both felt angry and hurt. It was great decision to sign up, even though I was not keen at first, I can now really see the benefit of talking any issues through with a specialist. I thought it would make things worse, but in fact things got so much better. Thanks so much and in the nicest way, I hope not to ever need your services again


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