Do You Feel Like You Can’t
Escape Feeling Frustrated,
Irritable Or Angry

Some people struggle to cope with these feelings and it becomes consuming and starts to affect other areas of our lives: relationships, focus at work and overall health.

We may find ourselves finding it hard to sleep, to relax or get through the normal day to day without snapping or feeling heavily stressed. For others anger is a problem because it is being triggered rapidly or it provokes an extreme response.

But here is what you need to know:

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    The type of anger management treatment and length of anger management treatment will vary depending on the goals we set out together for how you want to be instead.
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    Everyone’s anger patterns and experience is different, so requires a unique tailored approach to manage it and change old ways.

I have worked with countless men and women to release old anger patterns either with a 1 full day VIP Anger Management Treatment Day or Intensive Anger Management Treatment Month (4 x 2 hour Session in 1 month) work best. 

These sessions can be done in Dubai, in a retreat of your choosing or online.

The reason I recommend starting with either of these packages as a minimum is because I want you to get the results you deserve:

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    To become free and learn new ways of relating to others, yourself and the world.
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    Often the odd anger management counselling talking session here and there will not be enough to change old habits.
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    You probably already know rationally in your head that the anger is excessive and want to let it go, yet cannot seem to shift it, right?

Effective anger management therapy requires more than talking, the emotions need releasing from where we are holding them inside the body, as well as some subconscious re-programming.

It may sound complicated but it is not. Experts believe that 80-90% of our behaviour is driven by our subconscious mind. Let’s say it is only 50% if we rely on talking anger management counselling talking therapy alone, 50% of the root of our anger will not be cleared.

The approach in the 1 full day VIP Anger Management Treatment Day or Intensive Anger Management Treatment Month (4 x 2 hour Sessions) will combine a range of methods for a lasting impact. This can include hypnotherapy, meditative releasing processes as well as anger management tools and tips for handling anger differently in the future.

Having struggled with buried anger for many years, I know how miserable it can be to feel the pain of anger inside and how this can impact other areas of our life. My anger was so difficult to manage, I turned to alcohol for comfort and felt everyone hated me. So, rest assured you will not be judged or shamed, instead I will listen wholeheartedly and support you to break away from old habitual habits to enhance both your life and relationships. 

How do I know if I have anger management issues?

If you are seeking anger management treatment, you may be experiencing physical expressions

of anger beyond the usual frustrations and irritability felt at times by all of us.

You may have also experienced one or more of the following behaviours:

  • Physical expressions of anger (e.g. punching objects)
  • Finding it difficult to calm down
  • Breaking objects
  • Having many arguments
  • Making unfounded accusations

7 Benefits To Controlling Your Anger

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    You will be able to control your outbursts that can affect things like home, work and/or school life. Anger management treatment helps you deal with the problem and form life changing habits
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    You will not risk becoming a danger to others or yourself if you experience moments of physical aggression
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    You will be able to maintain friendships or relationships that you may have lost due to the anger issues. Anger management treatment gives you the power back to control what happens in your life.
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    Letting go of nasty habits like verbally abusing your loved ones or anyone who you come into contact with. Anger management treatment will ensure that you do not land up feeling totally isolated and cut off from society.
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    Angry outbursts can result in objects being broken or damaged and this can result in lawsuits or getting into trouble with the law. Anger management treatment will help you to control these feelings so that it does not overpower you.
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    You will have the support and assistance from those who love you and want to see you get better and feel better
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    You will not risk your physical health. Extreme feelings of anger can put a tremendous amount of stress on your body which can result in a lot of health complications. Anger management treatment is vital to ensuring that your health is not jeopardised because of your anger.
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    You will begin to understand your anger and moods more effectively and become more tolerant of distress.

Anger Management Treatment VIP Day or Monthly Intensive $1,333

Nicola offers a free Anger Management Therapy conversation for those living in Dubai and UAE or
online consultation for international.

Nicola Beer is an Anxiety and Depression Counsellor, Relationship Counsellor and Self-Love Relationship Specialist. Services include marriage coaching an alternative to marriage counselling, divorce coaching, grief counselling, anger management, healing from abuse and  self-esteem boosting. She is a US certified grief recovery specialist, counselor, life coach and hypnotherapist online or UAE & London,  Saudi Arabia (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah Khobar, Damman)


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