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"I was really impressed with Nicola's range of solutions to help us move forward, she helped me stop the negative inner thoughts that kept coming up and plaguing me. She also helped Ed see what he could do to best support me and managed to get him out of his depression and focusing on himself rather than the relationship. We're so grateful for the guidance as I'm not sure how much longer I could have stayed trying on my own - it was painful."
Susan and Ed, New York USA
"If I knew how effective the program would be, I wouldn't have waited 5 whole years suffering, just hoping that my husband would change. I was hesitant because I didn't know if you could really save your marriage on your own and yet I was determined to try. It worked so well a week later he joined me anyway. I'm so pleased I took action and signed up, as goodness knows how many more years we would have wasted being miserable around each other”
"I was so surprised how well the strategies in the program actually worked, I read up lots before on anger, drinking and aggression and most of what I found said, you can't do anything but wait for them to want to change... but I knew if I had waited our relationship and marriage would be over. There was so much useful information given on how to create more love, motivate your spouse, anger, problem behaviours, how to handle conflict, how to make joint decisions. It was well worth the money and time I spent for me and the children. I never thought you could save a relationship on your own before, but you can. The only part that was difficult was fighting the voice in my head that kept on saying: "Why do I have to go first', "Why is it always me", "Why should I be kind to him when he is so difficult". Nicola really helped me with that. She made me see that, that way of thinking kills the relationship and that's what we were both doing before and why we had become so cold towards each other. We were both waiting for the other to make the effort first.
Thanks Nicola, your program changed our lives" 
"I reached out to Nicola after listening to her podcast show for some time. Me and my husband were having lots of clashes over finances, our children and sex life. It was a nightmare and I thought we were beyond help, but I still loved my husband very much. He refused to get help, so I decided that I would try Nicola's save your marriage where only one person goes. After Nicola shared with me how it works and what power I have to change things, I instantly felt better. I learnt so much about myself and what my husband was really needing. It worked so well that after a few weeks, he wanted to meet Nicola to thank her and improve our marriage further. It was the first time in our marriage that difficult conversations didn't lead to blazing rows or awkward angry silences. Nicola has a down to earth approach, great strategies and offers consistent support. We are so grateful, things keep on getting better and we have finally turned a corner, I didn't think would be possible."
 Sarah, Dubai
"We tried to solve all of our issues on our own for a few weeks, but it didn't work, we kept having the same issues come up time and time again. Traditional marriage counselling was pushing us further apart.
At first, my husband was reluctant because he has no free time but we both knew something had to change. We looked at the Audio Set and decided that we would start here as it worked for his busy schedule and was such a reasonable price. The information about how to Protecting Your Marriage from Angry Outbursts and Angry Silences helped my husband control his anger by channelling it in different ways and also helped me to let go of past hurt for good. Things have been going great since we made the commitment to implementing the 10 key principles as Nicola describes in the audios. We've become closer, laugh and chat again like we did when we first met! 

Thank you Nicola!"
 Anna, London
Dear Nicola, I really can't thank you enough for the wisdom, support and guidance your audio set has provided.
My year started off with my husband wanting a divorce and now we are happily married and looking forward to what our future has instore for us.
It has been an amazing learning experience and even my husband listened and implemented the 10 key principles. I truly believe if I had not started with your steps I would no longer have a marriage but I do.

Thank you!!
Disclaimer: Please note specific results may vary. Which is why we offer a full 100% refund policy with our 30 Day - Happiness Money Back Guarantee.   
Who Am I? 
Nicola Beer, Helping You Revitalise the Love You Once Had Without the Pain of Talking Through or Focusing on Old Problems!
Hi I’m Nicola Beer a leading authority on how to save your marriage and maintain a close and fulfilling relationship. I’m an international best-selling co- author of 4 books and have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Network, Huffington Post and Wall Street Select.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals from all over the world to single-handedly transform their marital situation, as well as with couples to restore the love, passion, respect and happiness, that is so often missing when the connection and communication breaks-down.

Growing up I watched my parent’s fight bitterly for 14 years until they divorced. During this time I experienced firsthand the pain, heartache and stress that comes from living in a hostile environment and the impact of infidelity. They didn’t bother to work on the relationship so we all lived in a tense and unhappy home for many years.

This experience scared me so much that in my own relationships as soon as things weren't as rosy or perfect I wanted, I escaped... I ran away instead of work through differences, I blocked out love completely for many years.  Needless to say I missed out on experiencing that blissful love and connectedness you get from long-term relationships. I didn't know back then that the beauty of relationships are to help us grow and develop ourselves. That challenges are an opportunity to strengthen our love and compassion skills. I also didn't know how to discuss differences without exploding or shutting down.  

The good news is...

Now I do. Having studied the psychology of relationships for 9 plus years and working with thousands of men and women I have been able to create a proven formula for transforming marriages and creating more intimacy, connection and love.

My approach is radically different to marriage counselling. Bringing a couple together to talk about problems does more harm than good. 

As it increases negativity, resentment and focuses on blaming. All too often I have a couple come to me saying that marriage counseling has made things worse. As so often marriage counselling can keep couples stuck in the past. 

I focus on ACTIONS a couple can take to transform their marriage straight away! As well as give communication strategies to create a NEW way forward. 

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